We took in Blissey last Sunday and since then, she had been hospitalized at the vet clinic. She had fully recovered from a mild GI Stasis and her blood results was also ideal for sterilization. We scheduled her for sterilization today and she is now recovering.
During the surgery, the vet found some cysts in her ovaries. This is not uncommon for an unsterilized female rabbit. If not treated in time, it may evolve into a cancerous tumor which may spread and affect the other organs. Thankfully, Blissey was safely sterilized and she is expected to do well!
Blissey will be discharged this Thursday and will be off to her foster home. Once recovered, we will put her up for adoption! Her sterilization and hospitalization have totaled to about $600. If you like to sponsor part of her medical bill, please contact us at
Thank you!