We were recently informed about a boarding experience that went horribly wrong: The owner sent her 2 healthy rabbits to a private home boarder and a month later, 1 died and 1 became disabled. The boarder was unapologetic and claimed ‘accidents happened’ and that the deceased rabbit was ‘old anyway’. This is an owner’s worst nightmare.

According to the owner, she found the boarding service on carousell. The reviews were good and the fees were cheap ($2/rabbit/day). However, it proved to be too good to be true as she found out that the rabbits were housed in small cages at the parking garage and cared for by a domestic helper. She was not comfortable but since she has paid the down payment, she decided to go ahead.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when the owner was informed one of the rabbits fell sick with a swollen cheek. The boarder didn’t send to the vet and the following day, the rabbit passed away. The owner rushed over and was appalled that her second rabbit had also fell sick with urine burn and is now immobile. She immediately brought her rabbits home.

The above was a real life story shared to us by a rabbit owner who is now mourning for her late rabbit and caring for her disabled survivor. She still doesn’t know what happened to her pets and she blames herself for what her rabbits had gone through. This has left a huge scar in her heart but she has bravely shared her experience so no one has to go through what she did.

We hope you can share her story to remind owners to be vigilant in selecting boarding services. The lack of regulatory measures has resulted in varying standards which directly affects our pets. Do exercise caution and do not be hooked by good reviews and cheap prices. Talk to owners you trust and view the facilities prior to engaging their service. You can also consider our boarding recommendations here: https://bunnywonderlandsg.com/bunny-101-2/our-rabbit-care-guide/boarding/.

Be safe, not sorry.

(Photos credit to owner and her 2 rabbits)