Bunnies are sociable animals who roam in groups in the wild. So naturally, they love to have company! As prey animals, it is their survival instinct to be careful who they accept into their lives. However, with patience and love, they will learn to trust and accept each other, just like Fifi & Buffy! Here are some tips to help you bond your bunnies!

House the rabbits in separated playpens side by side so they can see each other even when you are not home. Place their litterboxes and water bowls facing each other to encourage more ‘face time’. Swap their spaces or just the litterboxes to get them acquainted to each other’s smell.

Allow the rabbits to interact under your supervision for 10-15 minutes daily. Gradually increase the duration if you notice improvement. If the rabbits mount or chase, calm them down with head rubs and gently move them side by side. Always keep an eye on them to prevent any unpleasant fight.

When the rabbits are interacting well, start feeding meals and even treats together to build ‘happy experience’. Stay calm and positive throughout their bonding sessions and reinforce positive behaviors with head rubs, compliments and of course, treats!

Bonding is never overnight and do require owners to make time to commit to the process. It should be done with love and patience to ensure a lasting relationship. We encourage all our adopters to do the bonding in the comfort of their own home but in event help is needed, we will do our best to share our advice and resources. Good luck!