Past Monday, we were alerted of a community event that included a ‘rabbit petting’ session for their National Day celebration. It was part of a magic performance and we were extremely concern with how the rabbits will be affected. The loud noise as well as the constant touching would have been too much for a timid rabbit to bear. We had to speak up for the poor rabbits.

On Tuesday, HRSS and BW jointly issued a letter to the management team. We highlighted the timid nature of the rabbits and the importance of respecting rabbits as pets and not as exhibits. We asked for their cooperation to promote responsible pet ownership and to our delight, they agreed as well. They have since removed the activity.

While the use of live animals in magic tricks had been practiced for centuries, as animal lovers, we can’t tolerate their forceful use for entertainment. Both HRSS and BW will remain vigilant in protecting our rabbits and we will not support any event that compromise their welfare. We hope you can join us too. Thank you.