Over the weekend, we posted about why adoption rocks. Today, we will like to share with you why adopting a pet bunny rocks double! Here’s our top 10 reasons why rabbits make wonderful pets!
1. Rabbits have uniquely distinct personalities and no two bunnies are alike! Caring for one will definitely be the experience of a lifetime!
2. Rabbits are smart, inquisitive, creative and damn persistent! If you are up for their challenges, they will make you a better problem-solver!
3. Rabbits are gentle, quiet and super calming. If your rabbit likes you, you will definitely have the perfect listening ear.
4. Rabbits don’t trust easily due to their prey instinct but once you gain their trust, they will be your most loyal companion, very much so like a dog.
5. Rabbits are creatures of habits and thrive on routine. Having one will definitely make sure you stay punctual and timely!
6. Rabbits love a clean environment to roam in. They will remind you to keep it that way by chewing on a dropped laundry or tearing off a page of your misplaced book!
7. Rabbits need plenty of exercise and they may even drop a poo or two during their roaming. You will definitely get a work out by cleaning after them!
8. Rabbits thrive in a ‘zen’ environment and they will remind you with their stomping feet when your house gets noisy! Having a ‘zen’ home will keep your mind at peace!
9. Rabbits love to nap and they like it when you nap with them (not cuddling, not touching, just next to them). This encourages you to be more rested for your busy life ahead!
10. Rabbits require monthly grooming and regular vet visits to stay healthy. They help to motivate their owners to be diligent at work to stay financially stable for them!
While our top 10 reasons come with a pinch of tease, it can be attested by many rabbit owners who are living this reality everyday! Rabbits are sensitive pets that require a very patient, committed and responsible owner. They are not meant as ‘starter pets’ and should never be treated as ‘simple to care for’. With the right attitude, rabbits will indeed make wonderful pets!