Our rabbits are intelligent little ones who does enjoy having some fun! A bored rabbit often gets into trouble by chewing on wires, furniture, and everything he shouldn’t. Lack of activities can also cause a rabbit to become lazy, or even depressed which makes them not very fun pets.

In order to help our rabbits stay mentally and physically stimulated, toys that are designed to tap into their natural behaviors of foraging, digging and burrowing are most suitable. Here’s some example of cheap and fun rabbit-friendly toys for you to consider:

Rabbit’s teeth are ever-growing so to keep their itchy teeth away from your furniture, give them fun chew toys such willow balls, hay cubes, straw mats and cardboard paper rolls! You can even stuff them with hay or hide treats in them to get them excited!

Rabbits have a natural instinct to burrow into dark and cool corners. This is especially comfortable on a sunny day. You can DIY a hideout using a clean and spacious cardboard box. Remember to cut 2 holes so they can tunnel in and out freely!

Rabbits are natural burrower and a tunnel made of organic material such as cardboard or twigs will definitely be very fun for them. Watch them zoom in and out of it and squeeze into these narrow and dark spaces to snuggle and relax!

Our rabbits love foraging for food so consider hiding treats in boxes covered with hay, shredded paper, hay or even plastic balls! Let them work for their food and you might get a very satisfied (and tired!) rabbit at the end of a game!

While there are many fanciful toys marketed for rabbits, not many are appreciated by our picky hoppity bunch. We hope our recommendations can inspire you today! Remember, the best rule of thumb for our rabbits is to K.I.S.S = Keep It Simply Simple! It will be easier for your pocket and more enjoyable for your rabbit!

To get more inspirational ideas, visit https://rabbit.org/faq-toys/.

(Photo credit to BW adopter YanJun and her rescued rabbit, Pola)