Many people wonder what is the best way to help their rabbits exercise since they do not go out for walks. The answer is very simple: in your own home! Rabbits are house pets and prefers to roam in the comfort of their safe home. You will be surprised by number of binkies and hops we see when our rabbits come out to play!

It’s important you understand your rabbit’s natural behavior. They are ‘crepuscular’ which means they are active early in the morning before sunrise and late in the evening after sunset. So the next time you wake up, do let them roam around and work up a good appetite to enjoy breakfast. Pen them up when you are at work and let them out again when you are back home. Bunnyproof your home so your rabbit can enjoy unsupervised free roaming too!

If your rabbit is kept in a cage, you may find that he is not as excited about coming out of it. This is because he is not sure if the outside world is safe. Consider moving him to a playpen which is more leveled for him to roam in and out freely. Rabbits are curious animals and exploring will keep them mentally stimulated which makes them healthier and happier!

For more information about playpen setup and bunnyproofing your home, you can read more in our Rabbit Care guide: