Yesterday, Lapras and Brownie came back to us. They were adopted by a family in March this year. They were give a huge room, lots of roaming space and all the toys they can get. It was a wonderful start. But when the mother and 4 year old daughter starting sneezing and getting itchy throat, they concluded the rabbits to be the cause of allergies. They decided to return the rabbits.
Lapras and Brownie are lovely rabbits who never chew wires and had the perfect litterbox habit. However, to no fault of their own, they lost their home. We understand that the family was caught by surprise but we have pre-warned them about the potential allergy reactions by young children. It seems like in the midst of the excitement, all warnings were turned a deaf ear. When reality hits few months later, they regretted their decision.
We know we can never preamp the future. But we also know we cannot risk such cases again. In light of the hike in families with young children giving up their pets due to allergy reactions, Bunny Wonderland has decided to discourage families with children below 7 from adopting our rabbits.
We understand there are many responsible parents out there who wish for their children to grow up with animals. And Bunny Wonderland has found wonderful adopters in families with older children. Based on our experience, we believe our new recommendation will assist families in making a wiser decision to adopt when their children are older. This will ensure a more positive experience for all members of the families, including their new pet.
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