*Warning: Graphical content. Viewers’ discretion is advised.*
On Monday, we wrote about Caelin who was surrendered by his family when they learned about his dental disease. A decayed tooth led to the infection and no one knew until the groomer found a huge abscess on his jaw. Within days, the abscess ballooned to a golf ball and a surgery was necessary to keep him alive.
Thanks to the wonderful team at Vet Central, Caelin was immediately treated. The good news is the jaw abscess and the decayed tooth that caused this abscess was successfully removed. However, the bad news is the treatment came too late and his remaining teeth and jaw may have already been compromised. Close monitoring is needed and future surgeries maybe required to continue to keep him healthy.
While Caelin may have poor genetics that led to his illness, the delayed treatment had further compromised his health. We wish to remind all rabbit owners that you need to be vigilant to your rabbits’ health. Ensure your rabbit eats unlimited hay and regularly massage his jaw to feel for sensitivity or swell. For rabbits with reduced appetite or weight loss, bring them to a rabbit savvy vets for a thorough health check.
We will like to thank everyone for showing love and concern to Caelin. Especially to Padma Jairam for assisting with Caelin’s surgical bill and Giok Wee for fostering Caelin after his surgery. Your support for Caelin is deeply appreciated at a time he needs us the most. Let’s do our best to care for Caelin and when he is ready, find him a better home that genuinely loves him, in sickness and in health.