Keeping rabbits in a cage is a horrible misconception that has harmed our rabbits for years! It probably started with greedy breeders who are crunch on space and got spread by clueless petshops to make easy sale. We have seen so many rabbits getting injured and depressed from living in a cage and we don’t like it, at all!

For those who have rabbits, you would know that they are intelligent pets who can be litter-trained. They are very sociable too so if they can hop freely around the home, they will also bond better with you and be the loyal companion that you truly want in a pet.

We strongly encourage all rabbit owners to opt for a cage-free housing and instead, train them on a litterbox which is much easier to clean! Bunny proof your home to make it safe for them to roam and use a playpen to enclose them when you are not home. There is no need for a cage at all!

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(Photos credit to Best4bunny)