On Friday, we were doing our usual cleaning around the rabbits’ playpens and we found Carie behaving abnormally. Her hay was untouched and there were no poo or pee since the morning.  She was hiding in a corner and when we pat her head, her teeth grinded loudly. Her eyes were squinting and her body was tense. She was obviously in pain. We immediately rushed her to The Animal Doctors.
Dr Cathy Chan started Carie on a series of medications including painkiller, antibiotic and IV drip. She then did a blood test which showed very elevated liver enzymes (ALT 3195 u/l and AST 1994 u/l). The medical team conducted several diagnostic tests and all results pointed towards a severe E. cuniculi infection. They started her on fenbandazole treatment in hope she will respond well. She was hospitalized over the weekend and showed signs of improvement. She started to eat and move on her own and her blood results were back to normal. We thought she was well and almost discharged her but she suddenly has another episode of breathing difficulty and is now in the oxygen chamber.
Carie is still under intensive care at The Animal Doctors. She is a young rabbit who just celebrated her 1 year old birthday 3 weeks ago. She had always been healthy and we never knew that this infection was brewing in her. We hope that you can send positive healing vibes to Carie and pray for her to recover. Jackie and the BW Team love her dearly and we will do our best to help her. Please pray for her!!!