On Feb 14, Jackie found Venus to be especially quiet and not eating. She rushed her to Vet Central who found a huge gas bubble in her upper digestive tract and hardened food in her lower tract. She was disgnosed with Gastrointestinal (GI) stasis and was immediately hospitalized.
For 24 hours, Venus produced very few sticky poo and required intensive care. Despite the CNY holidays, the clinic arranged for an overnight nurse and did a marvelous job caring for her. For the next 3 days, Venus gradually improved.
On Feb 18, Venus stopped eating again. Through Xray, we saw remaining dried food not yet dislodged. They monitored her closely and once again, Venus pulled through and greeted us with a pile of poo the following morning! On Feb 20, Venus was discharged. She is now bouncing around at the Wonderland again.
Venus is 9 years old and this episode could have took her life if Jackie did not rush her to the vet on time. All rabbit owners should know that GI Stasis is a critical condition and if left untreated for over 8 hours, can have fatal consequences. It is a condition that is also highly preventable with a disciplined diet and healthy lifestyle.
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