Our Chili is definitely one of the oldest residents in the Wonderland. She was rescued since months old and had lived with Jackie for the past 14 years. One by one, her bonded mates passed on. Her current companion is Cola, a male senior who is also 14 and has been her supporting pillar.
Chili’s teeth had been decaying as she aged. In the past few years, she made it through a few dental surgeries but unfortunately, her condition worsened. Earlier in February, an ulcer developed under her right eye due to an infected tooth and her respiratory started to be affected.
Due to her old age, we can’t put her through more surgeries. Instead, we kept her comfortable through medication. We ask for your help to think of Chili and send her abundance of positive and calming energy. We hope with everyone’s love, Chili can find peace and enjoy her remaining days with Cola and her friends at the Wonderland. Thank you.