Every bunny loves pellets and it’s rare to find one that doesnt go crazy over them! However, not all pellets are as healthy as others. A glance in our local pet shops, we can find pellets of all shapes and sizes. Some are colorful with cereal flakes while others are sprinkled with dried fruit, seeds and nuts. To these pellets, we say NO NO NO.

Rabbits are strict herbivores and their digestive system is not meant to process fat and starch. Colorful pellets may look pretty but it can create a gastrointestinal (GI) imbalance and upset their stomach. The rabbit can have soft, smelly stools and in the long run, prone to GI stasis.

A good quality rabbit pellet should have:
>22% crude fiber
<14% protein
1% fat
1% calcium

Our Taffy and Padi love their pellets but as they are adults (>6 months), we do not feed more than 2 tablespoon of Timothy-based pellets a day. Younger rabbits (<6 months) can be given unlimited Alfalfa-based pellets. Do not over-indulge as you will just create a spoilt and unhealthy rabbit!

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