Yesterday, we shared about a horrible boarding experience of a rabbit owner. She boarded 2 healthy rabbits with a home boarder and ended up with one dead and one disabled. This story has sent chills down the spine of many owners. So how can we be more careful in choosing the right boarding place that will ensure safety to our pets?

Don’t just trust what’s written online. Speak to owners about their personal experience and verify if the boarder does what he/she claim. You can also join Facebook groups administrated by rescue groups or bunny lovers to get opinions from experienced owners with accurate knowledge.

Photos can be deceiving so do not make any decision based on what you were shown. Instead, visit the premise and see (and smell!) for yourself the condition of their living space and the boarded pets. Never make advance payment until you are certain they are the right choice for your pets.

Talk to the caregiver of the boarding place to understand their standards on diet, hygiene, exercise, grooming, and medical care. A savvy boarder should be well-informed of the above and be prepared to seek professional help when needed to ensure the safety of your pets.

As the owner, you will always be responsible for your own pets. Stay on top of their condition by asking for regular updates either through photos or videos. It is a good idea to consider boarding places with CCTV to ensure you can monitor them anytime from anywhere.

These are some general guidelines to consider when evaluating a new boarding service. Of course, it’s just as important to trust your own instinct when things don’t seem right (crazy low price, dirty/outdoor place, unresponsive boarders). Let’s all stay vigilant to ensure our rabbits have a good stay away from home. Good luck!