Due to an unforeseen health issue, Yoshi’s foster parents had to place him back with us. We brought him back to the wonderland where Jackie mama spent hours trying to explain the situation to him. When she mentioned the name of his foster papa, Yoshi’s eyes immediately lit up. You could see that he really missed them, a lot.

Today, Jackie’s friend came to visit and she was trained in animal communication. Jackie asked for her help to converse with Yoshi. To our surprise, our boy asked for his original name, Skippy, back. This was the name Jackie gave him when he was a baby. It seems like he really missed his growing up days at the wonderland.

As soon as we started calling him Skippy, he started binkying around the house! Our volunteers then spent the rest of the afternoon playing with him and chasing him around. He was visibly happier and it was so amazing how much difference it made to him by fulfilling his wish. We were so heartwarmed to see him feeling better.

This experience reminded us how rich our rabbits can feel emotionally. Skippy is extremely loyal to those who love him, including his foster parents and Jackie who took care of him when he was a baby. He is truly an amazing boy and in 2019, we hope he will find his well-deserving forever home. Let’s all help him make his dream come true!