Living in the tropics doesn’t make it easy for our fluffy bunnies. Our rabbits are not native to our Singapore so we need to be extremely sensitive to their needs. Halo and Hank are jersey woolies who does require lots of attention from their pawrents to stay cool. Here’s some ‘cooling’ tips they will like to share to help fellow bunnies stay safe:

Keep Us Indoor!
Halo and Hank used to live in the corridor so they knows it can be extremely hot and humid. The sun, rain, pests and strays can also be stressful for a timid rabbit. A home with a playpen will be much better and a hideout box will help them stay cool from the blazing sun.

Blow Air, Blow!
A well-ventilated space helps to keep the rabbit comfortable. A circulating fan can keep the air cool and on super hot days, drape a damp towel over the fan to create some cool mist. Of course, turning the air conditioner on when you are home is a great way to pamper yourself and the rabbit.

Cooling Tricks!
Halo and Hank love to spraw on a their marble tile to cool their bellies! Their favorite? Laying next to a frozen bottle (wrapped in towel) to enjoy the cold sensation. You can also mist your rabbit’s ears with water to cool them down from a very warm day.

Drink Up!
Placing a few water bowls around the house will encourage our rabbits to drink more water. A good rule of thumb is 1 water point per rabbit. Adding apple slices or ice cubes can motivate them to drink more! For bunnies who don’t drink enough, soaking their vegetables in water before serving can also increase water intake.

Stay Trim!
With their long fur, Halo and Hank can get very hot very fast! Their pawrents will comb them every few days to remove loose fur and arrange for professional trimming to tidy their thick coat to help them feel comfortable. It is not a bad idea to shave them once in a while to allow their skin to breath.

Be Vigilant!
If your rabbit appears lethargic, move him to a cooler room and cool him down with a damped towel. If he is panting heavily, call your rabbit-savvy vet for their advice. You may need to bring him in for immediate treatment. A heat stroke is a fatal issue and should not be taken lightly.

We hope our cooling tips can help all bunnies stay cool and healthy during the hot season!