The recent case of Buffy stirred up our emotions about pets left in the public corridor. In the past few years, we have handled so many cases where the ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ mentality resulted in so many rabbits to be neglected. Some owners claimed hygiene to be an issue while others will ask ‘why not’? In most cases, there is little love and commitment towards the pet and the owners will readily give them away.
If you are a pet owner who placed your pet in the public corridor, you need to realize that anyone can access your pet and steal them away. Some people may be up to no good which is really ignorant to let it happen. Also, your rabbit is timid and the constant exposure to noise and crowd can induce stress. Lastly, a hot sunny day or a cold stormy night can also cause your rabbit to fall sick. Why do this to an innocent life?
For owners who claim hygiene as the reason why the rabbits are outdoor, you really need to use some common sense. Rabbits are born odorless and love to be clean. Its often the humans who do not groom them or maintain their space clean, resulting in poor sanitary condition. Also, it’s more common for one to be allergic to fur mites and the hay pollens than the rabbit. You can definitely take precautions to prevent such allergic reactions.
At Bunny Wonderland, we advocate for accurate knowledge on rabbit welfare. We have never said caring for a rabbit is easy (those who tells you so, LIED!). To be a good rabbit owner, you need to have time, money and a strong sense of responsibility. Only when you have all three, you will be able to commit, support, and remain dedicated to their care. If you truly has no space in your house for a pet rabbit, don’t get one! Get a plant instead!