We have recently learned of a few ‘unbelievable’ experiences by rabbit owners with vets that we hope to share with everyone:

1. A rabbit was presented with parasitic infection and required medication. It is typically prescribed for 28 days at $30 but Vet ‘A’ charged $10 per dose and only for 14 days! This led to an overcharging of 1000% and an incomplete treatment! 

2. A rabbit was presented with overgrown incisors and instead of using a gentle burring tool to trim them, Vet ‘B’ used a pair of clippers! The rabbit’s teeth ended up cracking, had an infection and required a surgical intervention (by a different vet) for a complete extraction! 

3. A rabbit was presented for a routine female sterilization (i.e. spay) and Vet ‘C’ claimed he could only remove 1 ovary as he ‘could not find the other ovary’. It was shocking to hear as both ovaries should be connected! Owner was still asked to pay full bill! 

The above are real incidents that were encountered by real owners. We were dumbfounded that such vets exist and in certain cases, claim they know rabbits when they truly don’t. This is why it is so important to have a trustworthy veterinarian you can count on in times of needs. When our rabbits need help, there is just no time to second guess!

To help owners, we have compiled our list of ‘tried and tested’ rabbit-savvy vets on our website. We also provided some estimated medical expenses to ensure you are reasonably charged. Lastly, if you ever need some cross-checking about your doctor’s advice, feel free to contact us! We are no professionals but we are here to share our experience and provide you with some assurance.

Recommended Vets: https://bunnywonderlandsg.com/vet-recommendation/

Estimated Medical Expenses: https://bunnywonderlandsg.com/bunny-101-2/bunny-101/medical-expenses/

Contact Us: bunnywonderlandsg@gmail.com

Uncle Winky hope no one will have to listen to such horror stories again!