‘My pet rabbit passed away this morning. What should I do now?’
We are so sorry for your loss and we understand that if you have never handled the departure of a furry baby, you may be caught in a panic. We are here to provide you some resources.
The most common way to arrange a dignified send-off for our beloved pets is through cremation. For our rabbits, we will opt for a private ceremony and will bless them with flowers and their favorite food to send them off with love. Here’s 2 cremation services that we have engaged in the past:
1. Mount Pleasant Pet Cremation Center (24 hours) – 6250 8333
2. Mobile Pet Cremation Services (24 hours)  – 9455 6355
Most vet clinics will also receive your deceased pets and arrange for cremation on your behalf. The cost can range from $120-400 depending on type of cremation and ash disposition. Most of us will choose to keep the urns in our home but you can also choose for sea burial as well as housing them in columbariums. Please contact the services directly to ask for details.
In Singapore, it is an offence to bury pets on public land which includes neighbourhood parks and community garden. Not only would it result in unsanitary living, if the pet is not properly buried, it can easily be dug up by stray predators which will truly be horrific.
We hope this information can help you to plan for your deceased pet. Once again, so sorry for your loss and please take care.
Bunny Wonderland