Did you know that our rabbits’ teeth never stop growing? With a total of 28 teeth (4 front incisors, 2 peg incisors and 22 cheek teeths), ALOT of grinding action is needed to keep their teeth trimmed and smooth! At the wonderland, we have our fair share of experience dealing with dental disorders and we hope to share our experience to help you avoid them.

Our Cody and Taffy recently went for their dental treatments at Vet Central. Both rabbits were very young when rescued and despite a balanced diet, the fact they were born with genetically bad teeth resulted in chronic dental condition. While we could see their 4 front incisors, it is impossible to monitor the remaining 24 hiding in their tiny mouth! As such, we need to engage a rabbit-savvy vet to check through an otoscope.

Cody was found with decayed teeth that were slowly breaking apart. Failure to remove the dead fragments can result in migration towards the nasal canal and eyes causing respiratory issues as well as blindness! As for Taffy, she was found with overgrown sharp spurs that was poking into her gums. She put on a brave front and continued to have a hearty appetite but if not treated, will result in painful ulcers and even abscess growth.

With the prevalence of overbreeding and inbreeding, many of our rabbits are born with genetically bad teeth. Owners should monitor their rabbit’s health through their appetite and output. You can also massage their jaws and feel for any sensitivity or lumps. It’s extremely important to engage a rabbit-savvy vet regularly to monitor their teeth and if your rabbit requires surgical intervention, act immediately and do not delay.

Let’s do our best for our rabbits and keep their dental woes away!

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