Earlier in April, our adopter, Alice, brought her Snow White to Vet Central for a wellness check. All was good and she was given a clean bill of health. However, 8 months later when she returned for another wellness check, the vet found some dental issues that required immediate attention.

In addition to sharp spurs, the vet found ulcers in her gums as well as 2 loose teeth. Without hesitation, Alice arranged for her surgery and Snow White had a same day operation. Though she was very grumpy after that, she wasn’t feeling too bad and will eat her critical care on her own.

Snow White had always been a good hay muncher and never shown any sign of sickness. The dental condition took Alice by surprise and she would not have knew about it if not for her routine check. Her diligence has indeed paid off as Snow White was still bright and likely to have a smooth recovery.

Alice’s recent experience reminded us the importance of regular vet check. These checks have proven to be critical in catching early signs before conditions becomes difficult. For more information about wellness checks, click here: https://bunnywonderlandsg.com/vet-recommendation/. Let’s keep our rabbits healthy!