Back in June, our volunteer passed by a popular pet shop chain in Singapore. Despite AWGs advocating for improved rabbit care, it was very disappointing to see none practiced in this shop. We are sure in one glance, rabbit owners can see all the wrongs reflected through the photos.

The rabbits were kept in ‘fish tanks’ with people tapping on them and stressing them out. The hay were hung in metal balls while the bowls were over-flowing with pellets. The litterboxes were tiny and the metal grids were so wide that their feet could get caught easily. Bedding were everywhere which untrain even a litter-trained rabbit.

With information so widely available, petshops should not plead ignorance to not providing what is right for the animals. They knowingly compromise the animals because they do not care enough. Consumers should be wise and avoid supporting unethical operation.

If you witness any pet being compromised in pet shops, please report to AVA at No doubt their standard is low, they are the only authority to license pet sale and request for improvement. We strongly believe that the power of the public’s voice can make miracle happen. Let’s stand up for the animals!