It’s past midnight but we are still busy replying to messages in our inboxes. Many of them are from families who want to give away their rabbits. One of them, a pair of 6 months old, citing relocation. We can’t help wonder, why? Were they not informed that the rabbits will be their responsibility for 10 years? Did they not understand that rabbits or any pets are family and should be part of their life plan?
We are hugely disappointed that despite our attempt to advocate for responsible pet ownership, many people are still not sensible enough to understand this fundamental. Isn’t it what our parents taught us to be compassionate to animals and to be responsible adults? A rabbit is a living thing. It needs love and care and it will feel pain and unwanted. Why did you not see that when you first brought it home?
As friendly and helpful as we want to be to help these poor animals, we need to instill a sense of responsibility and remind people to make wise decision. We do apologize in advance for our brutal honesty in replying to some of these families. But we hope you know, we are always here to help. It’s your choice to engage us sensibly or choose your easy way out. Let us remind you that abandonment IS a crime and punishable by jail term and fines. In our eyes, abandonment is an act of cruelty and a huge disgrace to humanity. We hope no one will choose such path. For karma is a bitch.