We realized many pet owners are very keen to know where to seek help in the wee hours of the night when their usual clinics are closed. For your reference, we have compiled a list of Emergency Vet Clinics on our website:


Due to proximity, Bunny Wonderland typically engage Advanced VetCare. They are open 24 hours and their emergency fee is reasonable. The night vet will help to check their vitals and help us to stabilize the condition of the rabbit. Overnight hospitalization is also available for the very sick ones.

As the emergency vet may not be your usual vet, it is important for owners to focus on sustaining the rabbit until their usual vet is available. As we know, few hours can make a huge difference in life and death situations. Immediate treatment not only brings us a peace of mind, but also provide quick relief to our sick rabbits. We hope all owners can have an emergency vet clinic on speed dial and be more prepared in times of need.