Past Tuesday, both Sugar and Spice underwent their sterilization. While we know the girls were on the chubby side, the vet was so shock to find so much fats in them. Spice’s uterus (in photo) was described as the ‘fattest ovaries and uterus ligaments’ she has ever seen. Sugar was no less and we almost asked if a liposuction was possible.

Joke aside, we knew these girls were not well cared for considering their owner abandoned them outside a petshop. Other than an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise and overfeeding can also result in this unhealthy condition. While most owners like their rabbits round and chubby, it is extremely important to not overdo it. And this is why:

Overweight rabbits are at risks of:
– cardiovascular diseases including heart failure
– arthritis resulting in mobility limitation
– sore hocks and urinary burns
– gastrointestinal complications including GI stasis
– fatty liver diseases
– complications during surgical procedures
– Inability to consume cecotropes
– Inability to groom themselves

All the above can cause a once-lively rabbit to appear lethargic, moody and unhealthy. If you do have an overweight rabbit, you can consider the following improvements:

– Feeding a >80% grassy hay diet
– Limiting their pellets and treats intake
– Housing them in a playpen instead of a cage
– Providing free-roaming at least 3 hours a day
– Introducing physical games to keep them moving
– Bonding them with a more active bunny mate

It would be a good idea to consult a rabbit-savvy vet to ensure your ‘weight-loss’ plan is sustainable. Never make sudden changes as this can cause more stress to your rabbit. And don’t forget to shower your rabbits with kisses to ease them into the routine. Dieting can be very tough!