‘I have 2 unsterilized brothers that used to be so good together! But since they turned 5 months old, they’ve been fighting non-stop! And they are making huge mess in their playpen. What is wrong with them?’

Your rabbits are just being, rabbits! At 5 months old, they are going through puberty and their hormonal changes are causing these territorial and unpredictable behaviors. It’s completely normal so don’t be too worried!

What you need to consider is to their sterilization. It is an important surgery to reduce their hormonal fluctuation and keep them healthy in the long run. We will recommend you plan for a visit to a savvy vet and start monitoring their health. The vet will tell you when they are ready for sterilization. For a list of our recommended vets, see here: 

In the mean time, you may want to separate the rabbits into individual playpens to stop the physical fights. Keep them next to each other so they won’t feel too lonely and give them a wider litterbox to litter-train them again. Be patient and keep their area clean to remind them to stay that way. If we want our rabbits to be disciplined, we need to be disciplined too!

After your rabbits are sterilized, give them a month to recover. Gradually introduce them again through meals and playtime. We are sure over time, their behaviors and relationship will improve. Do not rush this process as it will only frustrates you and the rabbits. Be patient and we are sure it will pay off in times to come!

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