Rabbits are intelligent and sociable creatures that loves to be a part of their human family. Providing sufficient space to roam will stimulate their mental health and ensure they get sufficient exercise. This is why free-roaming rabbits are also the happiest rabbits!

Litter-training is one of the biggest enablers for rabbits to enjoy such freedom. This requires the owner to provide a spacious litterbox and to guide their rabbits on using it. A simple way will be to place hay directly in their litterbox so they can eat and defecate at the same time! This may sound gross but it is indeed their natural habit!

Bunny-proofing is just as important to ensure your rabbits and your home are equally safe. For a start, supervise their roaming and guide them through their do’s and don’ts. If your rabbits are chewers, keep your wires, fabric and valuables like clothes and bags out of their reach. Cable ties and wire grids could be your new best friend!

You can find more of our litter-training and bunny-proofing tips on our website at bunnywonderlandsg.com under ‘Bunny 101’. It is indeed a lovely joy to have a free-roaming rabbit who can live freely, just like a member of the family! Let’s do what we can to provide the best for our pets!