Our domesticated rabbits are descendents from the European Brown Rabbit species. However, there are over 300 different breeds ranging from the tiny Netherland Dwarf to the humongous Flemish giant! We love learning about the different breeds so here’s some interesting facts to share with you today!

1. Rabbit breeds with the most color varieties include Angoras (English, French, Satin), Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, Lops (English, French, Mini), Mini Rex, and Netherland Dwarf.

2. Rabbit breeds are classified into five body types: full arch, semi-arch, compact, commercial, cylindrical.

3. The only rabbit breed to have the cylindrical body type is the Himalayan.

4. The rabbit with the longest ears is the English Lop.

5. Besides the normal rabbit fur type, there are also rex (very plush), satin (somewhat transparent, which adds a sheen) and wooly.

6. Only two breeds of rabbit have rex fur: the Rex and the Mini Rex.

7. Rabbit breeds that have wooly fur are the American Fuzzy Lop, Angoras (English, French, Giant, Satin), and Jersey Wooly.

8. The rabbit breed that mixes wooly fur and normal fur is the Lionhead.

We hope you enjoy these fun bunny facts! It’s important to learn about our rabbits’ breeds so we know more about their genetics, recognize any pre-disposing health concerns, and be better at caring for them. However, one thing for sure is no matter what breed our rabbits are, we will love and treasure them because they are part of our family.