To rabbit owners, gastrointestinal (GI) stasis can be a very scary condition. Informed owners will know to look out for obvious signs such as lethargy, appetite loss, bloated tummy and tiny poo. However, our rabbits are unique animals and may not show the same signs all the time.

Our volunteer, May, recently encountered a unique case with her rabbit, Caramel. Here’s her experience to share:

‘The day started normal with Caramel finishing her breakfast. However, when I returned in the evening, I found her sprawling in her litterbox. She also spilled her water bowl and wet her fur. She even refused her favorite pellets when I offered.

I did a visual check for discomfort. She looked alert, her tummy was soft and there was no abnormality on her body. However, her behaviors were very unlike her. I made a quick decision and sent her to The Animal Doctors, Singapore.

Dr Chan examined Caramel and felt some bloat. She proceeded with an X-Ray which revealed a distended stomach filled with liquid and gas. She was immediately hospitalized and placed on drip. X-ray was taken daily and thankfully, her bloat reduced in size and she was discharged on Day 4.

Through this experience, I learned that GI stasis can have varying signs. Dr Chan candidly shared that Caramel presented a ‘soft bloat’ which is not easy to detect. I was glad I brought her to a skilled vet for treatment. I hope all owners can benefit from my experience and protect our rabbits better!’