Rabbits are naturally sociable animals and love to have friends of their own kind. It is amazing to see how they interact through their daily cuddling, grooming and encouragment for each other when times are hard. If you are thinking of getting a friend for your rabbit, here’s 5 reasons to encourage you to make that leap of faith!

Rabbits are emotionally and physically healthier when they have a companion. They can be there for each other in ways a human can never be. Whenever they are frightened, stressed or afraid, they will run to each other to seek for comfort.

When rabbits are with their own kind, they interact with each other in ways we can never understand. You can be sure to be amused with their daily racing around your room and their ‘bonnie and clyde’ moment when trying to steal treats!

Bonded pairs are always showing their affection through their grooming. Not only does that help them to stay clean, it actually addresses minor health ailments such as runny eyes and dirty ears! This is especially important for senior rabbits.

A rabbit is the best cheerleader to their friends! Especially in times of sickness, a sick rabbit will feel motivated to eat and move just because he sees a friend doing the same. Similarly, a playful rabbit can also improve their behaviors with a calmer friend.

Folks often complain that their rabbits are bored and doesn’t play much. But when they have a friend, they will notice a complete shift in personality! They become more adventurous, more curious and bring more joy to the family!

The satisfaction to care for a bonded pair is amazing but it does require more commitment. You will also need more space and sufficient financial means to care for them in times of need. If you are truly ready for a second rabbit, do write in to us to inquire! We can’t wait to help you!