It’s Halloween and the scariest thing we often see is a bunny wrapped up in a tight body suit and bombarded with lots of flash lights! While it’s fun for the humans to see them all dressed up, it’s actually super stressful for the bunnies. On behalf of the bunnies, we will like to inform you that : No, they don’t enjoy dress up!
A rabbit is a prey animal and unless it is very used to being carried or clothed, it will not enjoy any ‘body hugging’ suit. They just hate to be constrained around the body or even the neck. Instead, consider safer options such as gently placed hats, capes or silly glasses! They will look just as adorable and ‘spooky’ and most importantly, will not cause as much stress. Oh and do consider turning off the flash as their eyes can be very sensitive to lights.
We hope by speaking up for these quiet creatures, we can help some to feel happier this Halloween! Go all crazy you like to yourselves, humans! But let’s spare a thought and not torture the rabbits just for some cute shots.