We thank The Straits Times for publishing this ‘reality check’ for all pet owners. We realized many pet owners are not aware of the high veterinary cost and some people end up giving away their pets when they got expensive. Unfortunately, having a pet is an expensive commitment so as an owner, you should really be prepared to include your pet’s expenses in your rainy day funds.

For rabbits that are healthy, annual health check including consultation, blood test and simple diagnostic such as fecal and urinalysis can total up to about $200 each. With parasites like E. Cuniculi gaining prevalence, a specialized test just to confirm its presence can cost up to $250.

As rabbit owners, you should also be savvy about common infections as well as sudden bout of Gi and dental disorders. Such visits often include xrays and together with the diagnostic tests required, can cost up to $500 per visit. If this is a chronic situation requiring bi-weekly reviews, you are looking at thousands just to treat one ailment.

As with all things in life, unexpected accidents can happen to your pet rabbit. Your rabbit’s foot may get caught in metal grills, or he leaped out of your arms and landed at an angle. Such fractures can easily cost $3000 per surgery and months of recuperating which can compromise your working schedule. These are all plausible scenarios requiring your readiness as an owner to support.

For a healthy pet rabbit, it is estimated to cost at least S$35,000 to take care of its food, supplies and regular checkup throughout its 10 years lifespan. This amount can easily double if the rabbit requires medical care. Please don’t assume a smaller rabbit will be a cheaper pet as it is totally a lie that the pet trading industry want you to be told.

For more information about estimated medical expense for rabbits in Singapore, read here: https://bunnywonderlandsg.com/bunny-101-2/bunny-101/medical-expenses/