At the wonderland, we have paired up hundreds of rabbits! To start on the right foot, we encourage your rabbit to choose his own friend. However, finding one is only the beginning! The subsequent bonding do requires patience and effort and may take weeks or even months! Here are some tips we have to ensure a successful matrimony.

A neutral space that does not belong to the resident rabbit will be a great start for bonding. This minimizes territorial behavior and encourage sharing. Alternatively, wiping down the existing space with vinegar+water solution or even laying a new rug can help to ‘reset’ the atmosphere. If the rabbits like to chase, making the space smaller or starting with a carrier ride will make the situation more manageable.

Rabbits are creatures of habit. Establishing a routine will help them to be prepared for the bonding. For example, conduct bonding after dinner daily for at least a week, follow by an hour of roaming together for another week. Introduce new elements gradually and give them time to work out their behaviors in each activity. Taking baby steps will help the rabbits feel safe while minimizing stress for the owners.

Our rabbits rely on their bodies to express themselves and it can be challenging to interpret. For example, the rabbits may nip through the fence but they will also lean against each other. This shows they are not fighting but instead, is seeking each other’s attention. They also chase, mount, grunt but it’s not a necessarily bad behavior. Be aware and seek advice from experienced owners in times of doubts.

Bonding can be stressful but the process is absolutely necessary if you want a companion for your rabbit. Be there to supervise their interaction and stay positive. Talk to them, place them side by side, give them head rubs and nose kisses to create happy moments. Our rabbits are very sensitive to our emotions so do stay calm and maintain a ‘can do’ attitude to assure them it’s ok!

Before embarking on the bonding journey, owners should be well-prepared for the time and effort it requires. It is not a process to be rushed and NEVER a process to give up half way. According to many experienced rabbit caregivers , it is almost a fact that there is no rabbit that cannot be bonded. The success depends on the expectations and effort of the owners. To all bonding owners, ganbatte!