We received feedbacks from owners who informed that their vets don’t really do the comprehensive check we recommend. The unfortunate reality is there are many vets who will ‘see’ rabbits but they are not really well-equipped or ‘savvy’ in meeting their health needs.

We had a recent experience where a non-savvy vet diagnosed a rabbit with overgrown teeth but did not recommend treatment. The rabbit started losing weight. When presented to our recommended savvy vet, the rabbit was found to have painful ulcers in the mouth and needed immediate medication and surgery.

The above happened in one of our recommended clinics but the vet was not our ‘tried and tested’ vets. We are very particular in identifying the savvy vets as it not only ensures right diagnosis but also the most effective solution. Our rabbits are fragile pets and can’t withstand too much ‘trial and error’. As such, time is of essence in ensuring our rabbit receives the right help to regain their health.

Responsible owners love their rabbits which is why they bring them for regular health checks. However, choosing the right vet is just as important else the effort (and money spent!) is wasted. As owners, we should be aware if the vet is suitable for our pets. Once again, one who say they see them doesn’t mean they are good with them.

Here’s a good guide to help you check if your vet is truly a savvy one: https://rabbit.org/faq-how-to-find-a-good-rabbit-vet/

In addition, our rescuers and adopters also provided their feedback and helped us compile our recommended list: http://www.bunnywonderlandsg.com/care/#Vet. (Do take note we do not recommend clinics… we only recommend the named vets!).

Lastly, we wish to disclaim that we do not receive any benefits from the vets we recommend. As rabbit owners, we understand the frustration of not having a trusted vet to help us in times of need. We hope this information is helpful so every owner can be confident while seeking veterinary assistance. All the best!

(Photo credit to Alana, adopter of our Sara)