‘Is it dangerous to sterilize my rabbit?’
Every surgery that involves general anesthesia (GA) comes with a certain level of risk. The procedure for sterilization is actually very common and can be swiftly executed by an experienced vet. However, how the rabbit tolerate the GA, wake up from the surgery and eventually recovers is largely dependent on the rabbit’s health.
It’s simply not enough to just touch or feel the bunny to assure it’s health. Instead, an experienced rabbit vet will conduct a full body check AND a blood test before the surgery. The blood test is the only way to ensure the health of the internals such as liver and kidney which are most critical to ensure a rabbit can tolerate the GA. Doing the blood test has helped many of our rabbits survived the sterilization.
Once the rabbit is certified healthy for the surgery, the owner should also be prepared for the post-operative care. Have the necessary medications (pain killer and appetite stimulant) and recovery aids (critical care, fiberplex and probiotics) ready. Keep their playpen clean and ensure fresh hay and pellets are within reach. Tempt them with fresh vegetables and fruity treats to ensure they get their guts moving soon. It’s quite an intensive monitoring hence we suggest people to plan their time properly to be home as much as possible during recovery.
With the above tips in mind, Bunny Wonderland has successfully sterilized over 300 rabbits to date, including Joey in the photo who was sterilized few weeks ago and now bouncing around his playpen! For more information about sterilization and our vet recommendation, you can check out our website at
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Bunny Wonderland