The idea of a bunny hopping on the green grass patch sounds so fun, doesn’t it? However, in Singapore where our community is densely populated, there are several concerns and some can be very dangerous! In fact, we do not recommend owners to bring their rabbits out to play.

Here’s why:

1. The grass in our public grounds are commonly sprayed with unsafe pesticides. If they do munch on them, they can be intoxicated!

2. Insects such as ants and mosquitoes can be annoying but attacking predators like spiders and snakes do lurk in our neighborhoods too.

3. A nervous rabbit can get startled by a chasing dog or a honking car. They may run away or break free from a harness which can cause even more injuries.

4. Tropical flowers and leaves are not so friendly to a rabbit and if they happen to be ingested, can cause sickness or even death.

5. You may risk infecting your rabbit with parasites like mites, ticks and lices as they roam the same ground as other pets in the community.

The term ‘house rabbit’ is now used more frequently by owners to describe the needs of their domesticated rabbits. It goes to show that their needs can be fulfilled within the comfort of your own home. For a timid bunny, a familiar ground is definitely much more fun to explore in. So let’s not put them through unnecessary stress!

(Photo credit to BW adopters Chiou Ling & Darren and their Yeva)