Grooming is very important for our rabbits and a well-groomed rabbit will also have lesser health issues such as fur mites, skin infection or gastrointestinal blockage (i.e. GI stasis). Here’s some tips we will like to share to help our rabbit owners keep their rabbit as gorgeous as Hudson!
1) COMB AWAY loose fur to keep your bunnies and home clean! Short fur bunnies should be combed few times a week while long fur babies like Hudson should be brushed everyday!
2) SNIP AWAY knotted fur badly soiled fur for easier management. Use a flea comb to gently untangle so you don’t cut too close to the skin and cause injuries
3) CLIP AWAY the clear part of their nails at least once a month. Use a round nail clipper to and use a small torch light to shine into the nails so you can avoid the ‘kwik’ (red blood vein).
4) SWIRL AWAY any extra wax buildup in your bunnies’ ears with a cotton tip. Do take a quick sniff for odd or sourish smell which can be signs of yeast/bacterial infection, especially for lops!
5) WIPE AWAY scent glands buildup in the folds near their genitals. Use a moist cotton bud and swipe gently to keep your bunnies fresh and clean!
NEVER give your rabbits a wet bath unless they are senior or sick and unable to keep themselves clean. For more information about grooming, check out page 21 of our Rabbit Care Guide ( You can also find our recommended rabbit groomers if you need one-to-one guidance on grooming 101!