Litter-training is an important part of proper rabbit care. A well litter-trained rabbit has better hygiene and hay eating habits which makes them healthier and happier! A good litterbox is key to ensure they pick up this good skill so as their caregiver, we have to be very careful in choosing an effective litterbox that works for them and for us.

We have observed that most petshops don’t sell the right litterbox for our rabbits. They tend to carry very small litterbox that fits in a cage but very uncomfortable to use. To our rabbits, a litterbox is not only their toilet, but also their dining table and bedroom. This may sound gross but it is exactly how a rabbit likes it and we shouldn’t force them to alter their natural behaviors to suit our preference.

At Bunny Wonderland, we observe and listen to our rabbits to find what works. This is how we concluded on a spacious plastic crate that is comfortable for them to sit and lie on. We will place a plastic grid over their paper litter so their feet and fur can be kept clean. We will also place a generous handful of hay on one half of the litterbox so they can munch on them while pooping or resting. This replicates their natural behavior to forage which encourages litter-training!

We hope these ideas will help rabbit owners to understand more about their rabbits and improve their litter training skills. For more information on litter training, you can take a read on our website: Good luck!