Unlike dogs or cats, our rabbits love their litterboxes so much they sleep in them! It’s their prized possession and a very important part of our rabbits’ lives. A good litterbox is key to maintaining their cleanliness, health and happiness. Today, we will share some basic considerations on finding a suitable litterbox for your rabbit.

A good litterbox should fit the entire length of your rabbit and not just his behind. It’s a rabbit’s habit to rest in where they do their business. We are not a fan of the triangular or square type that are commonly sold in petshops. Instead, we prefer rectangular trays that is much more comfortable and spacious for our darlings.

A litterbox has to be of convenient height for rabbit to hop in and out all day. We typically use litterbox lower than 8cm to prevent any trip or fall. For senior rabbits with mobility issues, lower entrance of no more than 2cm will be recommended. For rabbits who tend to pee outside of their litter boxes, one with higher backing will keep things more contained.

Recycled paper bedding is typically the safest choice as they are highly absorbing and has good odor control. We do not recommend wood shavings, clay or powdered litter as their scent and dust can have adverse effect to a rabbit’s respiratory and negatively impact their health.

To keep our rabbit’s feet clean, we will place a plastic grid over the bedding. For rabbits with thinner soles, a flat and even surface is important to prevent sore hocks. We also place a generous amount of hay on top of this grid so our rabbits can munch on them while they are doing their business. This replicated the natural behavior of how rabbits forage through the pasture.

For more tips on how we design our litterboxes, please see our website at www.bunnywonderlandsg.com/care.