On Feb 7, we wrote about the 3 rabbits we took in from a case of overbreeding. These 3 rabbits were not in good health condition and were brought into The Animal Doctors for treatment. It’s been 2 weeks and the rabbits are gradually recovering. Jacob’s fur are still very patchy but we hope with the mites treatment, his new fur will grow healthily. Julius’s skin infection are healing and he seems less stressed than before. Jewel is also moving around more comfortably and we hope she will gain more muscle strength in her splayed hind leg. We are hopeful that with time, they will regain their health and can be sterilized.

We recalled our conversation with their owner who thought they were ‘healthy and happy’ because they were eating and hopping around. However, it was not the case after the vet took a closer look into their health. We will like to take this opportunity to remind every rabbit owner to be diligent in their care for their beloved pets. We are no longer in the ‘kampung age’ where animals thrive on leftover food. Our domesticated rabbits are now living longer due to improved diet and care but they are also genetically weaker due to unethical breeding.  This means it is more common for them to have health ailments regardless of age. We hope that you will also make an effort in protecting your rabbits from the unknowns through proper veterinary care.

For our recommended list of rabbit-savvy vets, please check out our website at For a healthy rabbit, an annual checkup with blood work is good to benchmark their health and catch abnormalities. We hope every rabbit owner realize that medical care is not an option but a necessity during your care giving. No matter how ‘healthy or happy’ your rabbit looks, they can’t tell you if they have a sick liver or a weak heart. You truly need to help them. When it comes to our rabbits who are quiet and secretive, there is so much more than it meets the eyes.