‘I don’t spend enough time with my rabbit. He looks lonely all the time. Should I get him a friend?’
Rabbits are sociable animals so they do love companionship. However, if you do not have time for 1 pet, it is quite risky to assume you will have time for 2. As a pet owner, it is important you realize your commitment to your rabbit is more than just cleaning and feeding him. It’s also about providing love and attention.
We will suggest that you do your best to make time for your current rabbit first. This may means leaving work on time or cutting down on night-outs. It’s important you are good at caring for your rabbit before committing to a second.
If you have improved your time management and ready to find a companion for him, we will definitely love to help! Do ensure your rabbit is sterilized and healthy before introducing a friend. And do be prepared to carve out more time to bond the rabbits. This can take days or even months and will require at least an hour a day to supervise their interaction.
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