We are loving this article by Sunday Times which shared the love and joy of adopting senior pets. We are touched by the unconditional love by these adopters who look past the age factor and embrace them as part of the family. We are also very happy to see our adopter Philishere Ng featured with her trio, Felice, Koala and Bobo.
Senior pets are indeed no less loving and adorable than their younger counterparts. While it is maybe true that they will have a shorter time in their new home, it is part of life and we can’t fight the battle against time. Instead, a lovely home will ensure they have quality time spent before they gain their wings.
It is a reality that older pets do not receive the attention from most adopters. However, what will happen to them if they are not adopted? It is always heartbreaking to know an animal spent their lives in a cold shelter. Euthanasia is also a possibility for them. We hope all animal lovers will find a place in their heart to consider older pets. Thank you. 
Photo taken by us from today’s paper.
For better resolution, please click on this link: https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/oldies-but-goldies