This year, we came across 2 cases where our adopters experienced life changes and had to give up their commitment to their pets. Instead of contacting us, they seek personal means to rehome the rabbits. However, we later found out that one of the new adopters went out of touch while the other surrendered the rabbits back to us. As much as we trust our adopters to responsibly rehome their pets, these 2 cases showed that it can be very challenging.
In both cases, the adopters hid the truth from us and we learned about it months later. Both cited ‘guilt’ and ’embarrassment’ as their reasons for not informing us. When Jackie and the team learned about it, we were very disheartened. We had always been approachable and ready to help. Shouldn’t we work together through such crisis? Have we trusted the wrong people? It’s moments like these that makes rescuers paranoid and afraid. It’s also moments like this that makes us lose faith and just want to give up.
Unlike a rescue shelter, Bunny Wonderland is a private rescue group that operates much like a family network. Every adopter is trusted as a family and we aim to ‘care for the rabbits together’. In times of trouble, please give us a call and let’s talk through it. If you decide to surrender the rabbits, let us have them back. As Cola & Chili rightfully said it ‘Once a BW Rabbit, Always a BW Rabbit.’ We care for them through their troubled times, we love them like our own. They are always welcome back home.