It’s been raining cats and dogs lately and we can’t help worrying for the pets who are kept outdoor. While some owners claimed they still care, the fact the rabbits are ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ makes it hard for us to believe they were truly committed. If you or someone you know are placing your pets outside your house, here are some reasons for you to think twice of your decision:

1. Anyone and everyone can access the rabbit and steal it away. You shouldn’t do this to a pet you claim you love.

2. Rabbits are timid creatures and the outdoor is very noisy and stressful. You shouldn’t put an innocent animal through this hardship.

3. Mites and parasites are too common in the outdoor environment. Your rabbit can easily catch it and die from it.

4. If you are keeping the rabbit outside because it is smelly, think again. Rabbits are naturally odorless and they only smell if you don’t keep them clean.

5. If you are keeping the rabbit outside because you don’t have space, consider litter training and bunny proofing so the rabbit can free roam.

Many owners still adopt the ‘kampung days’ mentality and lock their rabbits in cages and putt them outside the house. This is a rather ignorant way of caring for a rabbit that is intellectual enough to be litter-trained and roam in their house. It’s time for such owners to EVOLVE and be more informed about rabbit care.

The next time you see someone keeping their pet rabbit out of their house, do inform them it is a very dangerous thing to do. You can also download our ‘Bunny Watcher’ brochure which guide such owners to move their rabbits indoor. To download, click here: Let’s keep our rabbits safe! Thank you!