It is past midnight but we just can’t sleep knowing that our dearest Pikachu is now in the hospital. Pika, as he is fondly known, is coming to 9 this year. As a lop rabbit, he had been battling ear infection for years but since last week, his condition took a turn for the worst. His middle ears got very infected and were showing sign of head tilt. Today, we found blood and pus oozing from his ears and he just could not stand still. The medical team at The Animal Doctors was unable to operate on him due to the active bleeding. We could only maintain him on medication and hope that he will stabilize soon.
The next step to treat Pika will be to put him through a CT Scan to find the source of the infection. A surgery will be required to remove the infection. This could means removing his entire middle ear which can result in permanent deafness. The CT Scan and the surgery will easily cost thousands but we are ready to help him.  However, what is risky is we do not know if he can take the general anesthesia considering how weak he is now. We are very worried for him and we are praying hard that he will stay strong for us to help him.
Pika is Jackie’s most beloved rabbit, the only rabbit she officially adopted as her own. He serves as the guardian nurse of all her rescued rabbits, bouncing from one rabbit to another to comfort them in times of sickness. He exudes a calm and healing vibe and is very well-loved by all our volunteers. Since losing her 2 dogs, it has not been easy for Jackie and now with Pika so sick, she is devastated. We hope everyone give us time to care for Pika and our sickly bunnies. It is the most responsible thing for us to be able to care for our own animals before helping more. Thank you so much for your understanding.