On March 7, Pikachu was admitted for a CT (Computerized Tomography) Scan. This scan takes a series of X-rays from different angles to create cross-sectional images of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues. It is a very informative diagnostic tool to pinpoint abnormalities and ensure accurate treatment. In Singapore, there are only 2 CT Scan facilities for animals. One at Mount Pleasant (Gelenggang) and the other at Landon Vet Specialists. A CT scan session is estimated to be $3000.
Pikachu’s scan was conducted at Landon Vet Specialists. Pikachu was not in the best condition to be placed under GA but under the able hands of Dr Ben Landon and his team, he went through the procedure smoothly. The results were sent to U.K. for interpretation and by the following day, we received the full report. Pikachu was confirmed to have chronic ear infection in his outer and middle ears. His lymph nodes near the mandible (lower jaw) were mildly inflamed. The scan did not show any brain lesion which was very important to rule out brain tumors. However, it could not exclude inner ear infection which if often the cause of the head tilt.
With the above information, the vets were able to understand the extent of his ear infection and propose the best treatment. Pikachu is currently on a combination of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. A surgery to remove the infection can expose the inner ears and cause more harm. Instead, a lateral ear resection surgery to open up the ear canal and facilitate the aeration and drainage of the ears maybe more recommended. Pikachu will still require daily cleaning and medication even after the surgery. But it will definitely ease his pain and keep him more comfortable.
We hope to share this update of Pikachu to help all rabbit owners understand the complication of ear infections. As our rabbits have a very compact head, a simple infection in the ears, eyes, nasal or even dental can create a series of issues which can be very hard to cure. And infection, like a cold for a human, is just so common and prevalent amongst all pets, not only rabbits. Once again, this proves that taking care of a pet is not easy. You need to be prepared for such crisis and have the capacity to help your pet. Please do not take pet ownership lightly. It is indeed an important duty.