Last year, we rescued 75 rabbits of which more than half were purchased through ‘shady’ sources such as the internet, home breeders or un-savvy pet shops. As a result, these owners are ill-prepared and when the novelty wears off, the poor animals got abandoned or severely neglected.

Our Tutti and Toastie are prime examples of rabbits bought by a child off Carousell​. He had little commitment and no means. Yet, he is allow to make this monetary transaction and bring the rabbits home. As a result, the rabbits were left in the corridor and unintentionally abused.

Unfortunately, the internet is poorly regulated. Despite Carousell and Gumtree prohibiting sale of pets, you can still find such ‘adoption with fee’ posts. Similarly, our local pet shops are also inconsistent with their ‘screening process’ leading to irresponsible pet purchase.

It will take time for the authorities to impose stricter regulations. Meanwhile, we hope to plea to the public to not support irresponsible pet sale. Such purchase will cause an animal to suffer and lead to a never-ending cycle of abuse and abandonment. If you love animals, please protect them.