‘ My rabbit has protruding incisors i.e. front teeth that needs to be trimmed regularly. I read that an extraction will be a permanent solution. What do you think and how much does it cost?’
Like humans, our rabbits may not be born with a perfect set of teeth. It is even more troubling for them as their teeth are ever-growing and any misalignment can cause them to grow like elephant trunks! If not promptly treated the rabbit will eventually lose appetite, develop more dental issues and succumb to GI stasis which is fatal. As such, a rabbit with protruding incisors should seek medical attention within days of discovery.
If the rabbit is eating well and not too bothered by it, regular trimming is a safe and cost-effective way to manage. However, it needs to be conducted by a rabbit-savvy vet so the teeth is properly grinded and the root is not affected. We have heard of weird tales where nail clippers or even scissors were used to ‘cut’ the teeth. This is very risky as it can crack the teeth, harm the root and cause extreme pain.
At Bunny Wonderland, we will typically opt for the extraction for a more permanent solution. It can be rather stressful for a rabbit to undergo trimming every few weeks and what we fear is in the event the root is affected and a surgery is required. We are always an advocate for early treatment to reduce future risk. The surgery can range from $400-600 but if done by properly by a rabbit-savvy vet, will resolve the incisor issues permanently.
We hope our little sharing will help you to make a better decision for your beloved rabbit!
Yours Sincerely,
Bunny Wonderland