In the wild, rabbits will hunt for a variety of plants and flowers to ‘self-medicate’ when they are not feeling well. This natural behaviour applies to our domesticated little ones too! In fact, as herbivores, rabbits are perfect for herbal remedies and will often graze through these herbal treats with excitement!

As rabbits are not native to Singapore, our land may not have suitable plants for them. In fact, many tropical varieties are quite toxic! So instead of letting them graze through our gardens, it would be better for us to purchase herbs that are from more suitable countries. Here’s a list of herbs that we like to offer to our rabbits in the wonderland:

BIRCH – Relieves pain, inflammation and is diuretic.

CHAMOMILE – Relieves pain and has a calming effect. Mix with warm water and a little honey for an excellent cleaning solution for weepy eyes!

COMFREY – Improves healing, bone formation and a good digestive aid for stressed rabbits.

DANDELION – Helps in cleansing blood which can improve respiratory infections as well as intestinal disorders.

ECHINACEA – Strengthens immunity and a natural antibiotic against bacterial infection. However, can be quite strong in high dose so not for daily use.

LAVENDER – Improves blood circulation and relieve stress. However, the flower is a mild tranquilizer so use sparingly.

MILK THISTLE – Removes ammonia from blood and protects liver and kidney. The active ingredient, Silybin, is commonly prescribed by vet (eg. Hepavite) as a proven form of supplement.

PARSLEY – Relieves inflammation of kidney and bladder. Great for rabbits with digestive disorders.

PLANTAIN – Soothes gastric and urinary tract infection with its antimicrobial property. Protect the intestinal membranes from irritation.

WILLOW – Relieves inflammation of the intestinal tract and is a great pain reliever for the ill rabbits.

The above are some examples of rabbit-friendly herbs. We like to sprinkle them over their hay, vegetables or mix into their pellets to ‘spice’ things up. However, do note that herbs are not meant to replace medicinal treatment. If your rabbit does have a health condition, it’s best to work with your rabbit-savvy vet to ensure a holistic approach.

Meanwhile, if you like to learn more about herbs, our volunteers will be doing a live demonstration at our upcoming workshop on 6th July at Ngee Ann Polytechnic! Beary has generously donated abvariety of herbs to assist rabbit owners in finding the right bled for their rabbits. To register, click here:! Thank you!